Innovation Consulting

Intuitively it is simple to correlate the terms “INNOVATION” and “CHANGE”, also because in the history of the Economy you can easily read their close relationship: the more contextual changes grow, the more companies innovate.


Innovation concern the offer of value (product or service but also, the way in which something is produced (production processes), the way it is proposed and many other aspects.
The most frequent obstacle to an innovative idea is the difficulty in finding the resources needed for its design and implementation.


BB Creative want to introduce itself as an innovation facilitator that each company need to put in to its business model.


To do this, it acts on two separate fronts also closely related:  the design and the retrieval of investments through calls for tenders, funded funds and other privileged channels. One on all the European project Horizon 2020 for research and innovation projects, also open to Swiss companies.

Innovation Consulting Services

Project Development Support

BB Creative helps develop an innovation project, be it product, process and / or technology.

Search for Sources of Financing

BB Creative helps the entrepreneur to access the huge and sometimes confusing possibilities of financing for innovation.

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We have selected the best partners in the field of innovation and subsidized finance.

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We assure you a free pre-analysis of your project or your idea, carried out by qualified professionals.

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We are always up to date on the latest news in terms of calls for proposals and funding for innovation and business 4.0.