The Working Method


BBCREATIVE submits the company to a Pre-analysis to photograph the business model.

Provided the results of the Checkup, if the customer adheres to the proposal, a PROJECT is developed and introduced, just like a CONCEPTUAL MAP with Strategies, Goal and Timing, that will guide the Company in the execution of a process of change.

After the project has been approved, BB Creative guides the company in its EXECUTION, offering the support of the Project Manager to guarantee the success  of the project and the achievement of the goals.

The presence of the P.M. is aimed at verifying and validating the individual phases of the project, in order to confirm the strategies adopted or make the necessary modifications to the correct execution of the project.

To put the entrepreneur in a position to continue the job independently, thanks to the renewal of the company and to the evolution of its managerial and personal skills and attitudes.

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