Management Consulting

Frequently, those who govern an enterprise do not have the possibility to measure the companies state of the operating processes, for reasons of time and/or competences, and that is true for the companies that are on the market for a long time, as for the startups.

Are not uncommon situations, the realities of long duration that operate inefficient way because: “It is always done so”, slowly losing market shares and remuneration of the capital. Almost always, what was winning yesterday, is no longer today and what is today will not be tomorrow. 

To this need, more or less aware, responds to management consultancy, which, through four main phases, identifies any areas of improvement, designs personalized solutions, helps and supports the entrepreneur in their implementations and, Finally, verify that the results obtained correspond to those expected.

For BB Creative The management consultancy is even more: it‘s to direct the entrepreneur in the change made necessary by the continuous evolution of the environment in which he lives, transferring at the  same time the know-how that will allow him to grow still independently.

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You will not have to entrust us with the task only on the basis of a quote, we will provide you with a pre-analysis of your business and the guidelines for a change project!

Project Manager

One of our Project Managers is designated as project manager, to guarantee continuous supervision and professional verification.


Our most important goal is to make the entrepreneur progressively independent, so that there is no longer any need for us.