Fabrizio FontanaSenior Electronic Engineer

Expertise Area
  • Electronic Design
  • RF Electronic Design
  • Hardware and Software Design
  • Multimedia Editing
  • Writing of technical reports and scientific articles
Other Roles and Positions
  • Electronic Engineer and Researcher at SUPSI DTI
  • Ingegnere Elettronico nel team di Ricerca e Sviluppo at a company in Ticino building submarine ROVs

Electronic engineer with a high passion for innovation and new technologies, he began his career at the EPFL in Lausanne in the Bachelor, and then continued with the Master at the Department of Innovative Technologies of SUPSI. He was able to gain considerable experience in the design and manufacture of electronic boards and circuits, also adding the programming of embedded devices. During his studies he participated in a research project on electrostatic fluid acceleration systems, with the aid of multiphysics simulations.

He is currently involved at a company based in Balerna, in the electronic design of submarine ROV systems for finding mines and wrecks on the seabed.

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