Training Courses

As BB CREATIVE Mission says, “We work to forge entrepreneurs, accompanying them in the current world of change, towards a managerial autonomy”, Our aim is to create entrepreneurial culture, transferring knowledge and skills that allow the entrepreneur to grow and change independently.

To this end, beside to other intervention areas, we provide to personalized training courses and projects, also because of partnerships with qualified professionals.
We perform both courses in the company designed, according to specific needs, and different courses in the classroom, from the workshop to the seminar, from the day-course to modular paths.

To say only a few examples of topics covered, known to those who make business:
Social Media Marketing, Blogging, the first steps of Business Startups, non-verbal communication, Public Speaking.

Training Courses

Training Courses inside Companies

BB Creative designs and administers, with qualified professionals from each sector, courses directly inside companies, aimed at improving and
increase the skills of the internal staff.

Training Courses in Classrooms

Courses administered in more than one way: one or more days, even modular (divided by subject), but also more easily accessible courses such as workshops, seminars and webinars.

Why Choose Us

We are not Academic

Dogmas and theory are important, but we are not Academics and what matters to achieve our goal is substance, case study, and operation.

Team e Courses

We are constantly looking for new professionals to enrich our offer with their specific skills.

Attendance Certificates

Although the primary purpose is not the certification of skills, at the end of the courses we issue Participation and Attendance Certificates.