Marketing Consultancy

Companies produce to sell products and services, as a result, even channels and sales networks, are a key element in achieving the goal and the success of each business model.


Sometimes the need to create a sales network can arise from a project of expansion towards new markets, whether they are intended as a market segment or as foreign markets (international market)


The construction of an effective and efficient sales network, either physical or on line, is a delicate process composed of several phases, at the base of which there must be a precise and carefully planned sales strategy.


BB Creative stands as qualified for the definition of this strategy and the execution of the individual phases that serve to develop and launch the sale network of your company.

Commercial Consulting Services

Web Networks Development

Reorganization of Sales Networks

Development of Territorial Agents Networks

Monitoring and Corrective Actions

New Foreign Networks with Agents on the Spot

Training of Agents

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Qualified Partners

We have selected the best partners in the field of sales networks, to promote the growth and internationalization of your business.

Web Specialist

We put at the service of your entrepreneurial growth specialized skills in the field of Web, E-Commerce and Social Media Selling.

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Internally we find the best resources for a complete and diversified training of your field agents, one to one or group.