Communication Consulting

Too often it happens that a good business model find some problems, that are apparently inexplicable, due in fact to un- correct interpretations by the experts.


Moreover, the unbreakable progress of the surrounding environment, brings more and more faster to the “decline” of conventional instruments and communication channels, at the same time, to flourish new ones, always and constantly evolving.


The communication consultancy of BB CREATIVE intervenes to create or make effective and efficient communicative processes (outside and/or inside) of the business model of a startup or a company started.


Based on a thorough analysis of the context in which the company operates through the identification or redefinition of the market segments, it wants to reach for the positioning or repositioning of the product/service, BB Creative arrives to the identification of an integrated, coordinated and coherent communication plan. 

Communication Services of BB Creative

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Institutional Communication

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Why Choose Us

Diversified competences

There are no know-all: this is why with BB Creative collaborates a rich team of professionals with diversified competences, available when there is the need.

Taylor Made

We are the “tailors” craftmen of communication: there are no identical projects and we do not know the word list!

Pragmatic utilitarianism

Is the service, the platform, the expense useful? Then we will propose it to you; otherwise leave it. You don’t need to do everything, but everything you need!